Activity contest is BACK [LIMITED]

Since overall activity has been decreasing lately we figured it’s time to bring back our beloved Activity contest.This time though we’ll give it a twist, by adding much bigger prizes and make it worthwhile for those hardcore promoters out there.Note that the PTP contest will run for at least 3 weeks from now and depending on the results, we may or may not make it permanent.
So there will be 10 prizes each week, as follows:

  1. $50
  2. $25
  3. $10
  4. $6
  5. $5
  6. $4
  7. $3
  8. $2
  9. $1
  10. $0.5

However, each spot now has a minimum required visits amount, as follows:

  1. 400,000
  2. 250,000
  3. 130,000
  4. 90,000
  5. 80,000
  6. 70,000
  7. 60,000
  8. 50,000
  9. 30,000
  10. 20,000

Meaning that you need to accumulate at least that many valid visits in order to be eligible for each respective bonus amount.Contest duration is the same as before: starting from Monday midnight till Sunday midnight. ETA is shown on the contest page.You can check out the rankings here: May the best PTP promoter win (more)!

By Alain the owner

Networker since 2008 in the Digital Affiliate and Internet Marketing. Alain Learned by himself for any years, but he never gave up. Born in 1958, he is married since 1982, have 2 children and 2 grand children. Retired from the French Military Marine, he was a great Executive Officer on board of French Warships and Submarines.